Mesa Energy is now part of SunTechnics Energy Systems...  
Founded in 1999, Mesa initially specialized in environmental consulting services. Three years later, the company expanded its line of business to include the installation of solar energy. The team of 16 who surround the founders, Sarah Hetznecker and Gary Sheehan, has installed numerous photovoltaic and solar thermal energy projects for commercial customers, universities and government buildings, including a 2.8-kilowatt photovoltaic system on the south roof of the Governor’s Residence in Harrisburg and a 4.8 kilowatt system on the Department of Environmental Protection’s Southeast Regional Office in Norristown. Both systems are designed with a battery backup to support critical infrastructure.
Recently, Mesa became part of SunTechnics, one of the leading suppliers of turnkey renewable energy systems in the world, to be even better prepared to offer their customers complete solar power and heating solutions supported by strong sales and premium customer service channels.

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